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Loan and Deposit Calculators

Our calculators will assist you in assessing the return on investment that you are expecting and the borrowings amount that you are eligible.

  • Investment calculator
    1. What is your expected return on investment and we will tell you how much to invest
    2. What will be your future return on investment base on an initial deposit amount
  • Borrowings calculator
    1. Calculate the amount of loan you are eligible for
    2. Calculate your monthly repayment over different terms for any amount of loan

Disclaimer: Our calculator is an indicative tool, which is meant to provide information and estimates based on information supplied by you. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy and completeness of any information or computation provided. The Company shall not be liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or for any loss or damages suffered by any person in connection with the use of the calculator. The Company reserves the right to change information or features of the product and/or service listed at any time without notice. Information provided on this calculator does not constitute an offer of loan. Any loan request is subject to an appraisal as per the Company’s normal lending criteria.

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