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Mauritius Housing Company (MHC) Ltd stems from the former Mauritius Housing Corporation, a parastatal body set up in 1963. The latter had taken over the housing loan business from the Mauritius Agricultural Bank which had been providing such loans since 1951. The Mauritius Housing Company Ltd was incorporated in 1989, with the aim of being a complete solution provider in respect of housing finance requirements and of more efficiently meeting the challenges posed by the financial market.

With six decades at the service of the nation, MHC Ltd is the only Financial Institution in Mauritius and Rodrigues that offers a variety of solutions with respect to the promotion of home ownership. Mauritius Housing Company Ltd also provides architectural, technical, legal and insurance services, estates projects as well as deposit-taking and savings schemes. To this day, the Company’s distribution networks include 10 offices including Rodrigues.


"To be the undisputed benchmark and the most preferred provider of housing financial services in Mauritius and the region."

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Product/Services Aspect

To offer a wide range of attractive housing financial services with respect to Construction Projects, Renovation, Extension, Reimbursement, Purchase and Acquisition of lodging/apartment and Refinancing of housing loans so as to enable every Mauritian and Rodriguan to own a house.

Geography Aspect

With a view to fulfilling the MHC's mandate, we shall maximise our share of the market in Mauritius and Rodrigues without disregarding the regional market, using tailor-made strategies and objectives.

Customer Aspect

To professionally and continuingly delight our customers, ranging from a new born to a senior citizen, with a wide spectrum of competitive products that better meet their needs and expectations whilst ensuring their brillant future.

Good Governance Aspect

To leave no stone unturned in addressing the currently applicable Code and Bank of Mauritius guidelines on Corporate Governance and any established industry practices aiming at the enhancement of customer confidence and legal compliance.

People Aspect

We shall always put our most valued asset, which is our people, at the core of our business operations, through adequate training and performance management whilst ensuring quality at all times.


Technology Aspect

To make full use of available, affordable and applicable technologies that will take the Organisation to business excellence.

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